Field Survey Studies Now Have a New Face !

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The Surveyor Survey Management System, specially developed for field survey work, is now the new face of survey work!


Surveyor Survey Management System is a survey management system software specially developed for field survey studies. The survey software is designed to work seamlessly with computers, tablets and mobile phones.


Create Survey Easily!

Creating a survey in Surveyor is pretty easy! You can easily add survey questions, answers and choices.

You can create and manage multiple surveys in the surveyor system. You can create options corresponding to your questions, choose your question options, text, etc. as options. You can see your survey results in detail.


Create and Manage Teams!

You can create teams in Surveyor and assign surveys to teams. You can follow the surveys made by the teams instantly.

You can create and manage multiple teams in the interviewer system. You can assign the teams you create to different locations or subjects. You can make spatial or thematic analyzes with the surveys you assign to the teams you assign.


Detailed Report of Survey Results!

You can create analyzes and produce detailed reports with your survey results in the Surveyor.

You can view the results of the surveys conducted by the teams in detail. You can perform comprehensive analyzes and detailed reports based on the survey results.